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  • Customary Governance and Earth Jurisprudence

    A presentation to the 1st Parliamentary Council (Attorney General) of Uganda By DENNIS TABARO OF African Institute for Culture and Ecology (AFRICE) At the Workshop on  the (Bagungu Customary Laws) Ordinance, 2020 15th-16th April 2021 At Garuga Beach Resort Hotel, Kampala, Uganda. The purpose of the workshop was to present

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    With our Ugandan partners ANARDE and Africe, we are delighted to share new developments in our work to protect Nature, revive culture and pursue the decolonisation of law alongside the Bagungu People of western Uganda. 29/03/2021 In 2019, Uganda became the first nation in Africa to recognise the rights of

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  • Indigenous Cultural systems for Biodiversity protection and food security;A case for Sacred Natural Sites and Indigenous seeds

    Indigenous peoples and local communities are affected by climate change because they directly rely on their immediate environment to meet basic livelihood needs. Safeguarding and restoring ecosystem resilience, and the integrity of sacred natural sites, is critical to ensuring their food and health sovereignty and overall well- being.. It is

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  • Gaarú: The growing African Movement for Earth Jurisprudence

    Gaarú is a film about the inspirational people reweaving the connections between culture and Nature across Africa. The film follows African grassroots leaders who are working to protect and restore Africa’s lands, waters, forests, and the ecological knowledge of her peoples. Hailing from across the continent, these leaders are undergoing

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  • AFRICE work on indigenous food systems

    The women showcase interventions in promoting indigenous seed and food systems to avert food insecurity especially during adverse climate change effects. AFRICE with support from Newfield Foundation has been facilitating these interventions with the indigenous women small holder farmers of Buliisa Tulime hamu mbibo zikade in Buliisa district and the

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