Our Team

Denis Natukunda Tabaro

+(256) 778 -338-128

Dennis is a professional community educator,one of the first 6 Earth Jurisprudence (EJ) Practitioners trained in Africa and a student of MSc .Agroecology ,with a back ground in Financial management. He…

Wilber bateisibwa

+(256) 772-441-347

Wilber is the director of programs AFRICE and has been active in empower indigenous communities to strengthen their cultural practices for conservation of food, land and natural heritage.

Appollo Bucunku

Apollo Works and lives in Rwenshama among the Banyabutumbi Community.He  was born and grew in  the area and has come to know the story of his people…

Joan Kabahinda

She is a young woman ,self motivated and interested in the culture of her community,mostly in traditional farming practices.Joan was elected by the community to be trained…

Annet Tuhiriirwe

Annette holds a  Bachelors  Degree in Human Resource Management  and Accounting. She is a self motivated lady and commited to her job