• Earth Jurisprudence

    Earth Jurisprudence recognises that the Earth is embedded in a lawful and ordered Universe. Our Earth uniquely sustains life as we know it through a complex system of living processes and laws, as a self-regulating planetary organism. All species, including humans, are inextricably subject to these laws and processes.

  • Reviving & Strengthening traditional cultural Ceremonies

    cultural awakening that strengthens communities

  • Community Ecological Governance

    the bedrock that needs to be strengthened for achieving community and ecosystem resilience. This can be achieved through accompanying communities to revive and protect indigenous knowledge, seed and food systems, sacred natural sites and their community governance systems; the passing of knowledge between generations; restoring cultural identity and con dence

  • Seed and Culture Project

    Improved seeds and culture

  • Community Ecological Mapping

    Community dialogues provide communities with an opportunity to meet regularly in order to revive knowledge and practices and build cohesion. The eco-cultural mapping process enables communities gather all that they have learnt into visual representation of the original ancestral order of how they used to live; the present disorder; and

  • Community dialogue

    We conduct regular community dialogues, which, bring together the SNS custodians and knowledgeable elders with their communities to revive their traditions and practices and begin the process of reconstructing community governance systems. These dialogues provide an opportunity for the communities to strengthen their cohesion and confidence, to analyse their situation,