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AFRICE supports Lake Edward Banyabutumbi community to preserve Culture.

  This video was captured by a journalist and relayed on Uganda Broadcasting corporation. It highlights the journey walked by the Lake Edward (Banyabutumbi) indigenous farmers to revive their food systems through Agro ecology. AFRICE has been supporting the Banyabutumbi among other indigenous communities in Uganda to conserve food and biodiversity through indigenous knowledge practices.

AFRICE work on indigenous food systems

The women showcase interventions in promoting indigenous seed and food systems to avert food insecurity especially during adverse climate change effects. AFRICE with support from Newfield Foundation has been facilitating these interventions with the indigenous women small holder farmers of Buliisa Tulime hamu mbibo zikade in Buliisa district and the Banyabutumbi small holder farmers in Rukungiri district.    

Supporting traditional farming knowledge systems amongst small seed farmers in Uganda

Because of increased industrial farming systems, many farmer households no longer have granaries which for centuries were traditional way of storing and preserving food to save people in times of food shortage. AFRICE is supporting the communities of Kikarara around L.Edward and Buliisa along L.Albert in Uganda to revive indigenous knowledge and practices for food security. With continuous community dialogues […]