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With our Ugandan partners ANARDE and Africe, we are delighted to share new developments in our work to protect Nature, revive culture and pursue the decolonisation of law alongside the Bagungu People of western Uganda. 29/03/2021 In 2019, Uganda became the first nation in Africa to recognise the rights of Nature in national legislation under Section 4 of the National […]

The Banyabutumbi Small Scale farmers improve their soils and natural environment through traditional farming systems in Kikarara, Rukungiri District – Uganda.

With the funding from the New Field Foundation (NFF) and the intervention of Africe, the Banyabutumbi Communities have gradually started to revive their traditional farming systems. They have retrieved the long-lost traditional seed varieties like, millet, cassava, sorghum, peas and beans. Each of these seeds have more than four species that are nutritive, resistant to pests and diseases and are […]

The Banyabutumbi and Other Indigenous Communities Living in the Lake Edward Ecosystems

There are four main ethnic groupings that live around Lake Edward and these are: the Banyabutumbi, abahoro, abakingwe and abakonjo. The Banyabutumbi live around Lake Edward; the abahoro live around Lake Katwe; the abakingwe live around Lake Katwe and Lake Edward [Rwenshama] and the Bakonzo live around Lake Katwe, Lake Edward and Kazinga channel. The Banyabutumbi communities constitute the majority […]