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AFRICE facilitates customary law ordinance of indigenous Bagungu people in Buliisa

In the last two years AFRICE with support from Gaia Foundation has facilitated Buliisa district Local Government to develop an ordinance to recognize the customary laws and sacred natural sites and territories of the indigenous Bagungu people, living near Lake Albert. By making the customary laws to protect these SNT&T, AFRICE is implementing several resolutions made by global and regional […]

Agroecology, the dying but age-old sustainable farming system

Agroecology means an ecological approach to agriculture that views agricultural areas as ecosystems and in concerned with the ecological impact of agricultural practices. It is a science that is innovating on traditional farming knowledge that works with nature. Agroecology also embodies a political approach, employed by small-scale food producers as a way of life, and as a means to bring […]

Rooting rebellion in nature

Reflections on the legacy of philosopher and ‘geologian’ Thomas Berry, ten years after his death. I first met Thomas Berry at a talk in 1996 and immediately recognised him as an elder with a rare far-sightedness about our past, present and future. He pulled no punches during his talk: “The industrial process is now in its terminal phase. This is the […]