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A New Story for the Earth

“The deepest crises experienced by any society are those moments of change when the story becomes inadequate for meeting the survival demands of a present situation.” – Thomas Berry   We live in a time of multiple, interconnected crises- from climate change and ecological breakdown to the rise of the far right and gross global inequality. Thomas Berry, ‘geologian’, cultural […]

Rooting rebellion in nature

Reflections on the legacy of philosopher and ‘geologian’ Thomas Berry, ten years after his death. I first met Thomas Berry at a talk in 1996 and immediately recognised him as an elder with a rare far-sightedness about our past, present and future. He pulled no punches during his talk: “The industrial process is now in its terminal phase. This is the […]

The Banyabutumbi and Other Indigenous Communities Living in the Lake Edward Ecosystems

There are four main ethnic groupings that live around Lake Edward and these are: the Banyabutumbi, abahoro, abakingwe and abakonjo. The Banyabutumbi live around Lake Edward; the abahoro live around Lake Katwe; the abakingwe live around Lake Katwe and Lake Edward [Rwenshama] and the Bakonzo live around Lake Katwe, Lake Edward and Kazinga channel. The Banyabutumbi communities constitute the majority […]